Visualiser applications include:

  • Paint and wallpaper
  • Bricks, cladding, stone and render (stucco)
  • Roof tiles and COLORBOND® steel roofing
  • Garage doors, front doors and windows
  • Kitchen cabinets and bench-tops
  • Carpets, tiles, vinyl and timber flooring
  • Plus much more!

Since 1993, Autech have been leading the world in colour visualisation and colour marketing software. We have developed visuliser applications for the paint, home building, and product manufacturing industries. Autech can help your customers to visualise exactly how their home will look with your products — whether they be bricks or wall cladding, carpet or timber flooring. What the customer sees is what the customer gets. We use our custom-built texture rendering engine to display your products in real-life room settings using high-resolution photographic technology — no more cartoony 3D models.

Read on to learn more about these exciting products.


Online Visualiser
Increase your sales conversions by allowing clients to visualiser the way their own home will look before lifting a brush thanks to Autech’s Colour Visualisation software.
Learn more about our Online Colour Visualiser.


Dream Home Visualiser
Our Dream Home Visualiser allows your customers to see their home inside and out before it is created. By saving your customers time and money, it makes their dream that much closer to being a reality.
Learn more about our Dream Home Visualiser.

Latest Products:

Autech’s iMakeup Visualiser will revolutionise the way your customers shop for make-up.  Learn more about our virtual makeup makeover.
Metricon - Envisage
Envisage – the world’s most advanced product visualisation and home selection tool for leading Australian home builder Metricon Homes.