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Enhance your team’s skills and knowledge in a range of colour related areas, from basic to advanced, with our interactive Online Colour Education courses.




Fundamental colour education

How do changes in lighting influence the way we perceive colour? Is orange a warm colour or a cool colour? Which colour complements blue? Many people take colour for granted — assuming that it is a very simple concept which they understand fully. But the fact is that most people do not understand what colour is or how it works. It is important for people working in industries that use colour to receive a proper education in the underlying principles of colour. Autech provides a range of colour related educational short courses which are designed to teach your staff about issues relating to the use of colour in a range of industries.

Flexible colour education

Flexible course delivery means that your staff can study multiple subjects together or one after the other. And our optional refresher course and retesting ensure that your staff retain their colour knowledge over the long term. Autech also provides a corporate customisation package which allows you to have your own personalised colour education course with your own branding and a recorded introductory message by your company’s representative. Autech’s Colour Fundamentals course provides your staff with the building blocks of colour. Autech not only provide colour courses for front line sales staff but also offers private consultation to colour systems designers and palette makers.

Autech’s advanced colour education courses include:  

  • Selling Colour:

    This sales course is designed specifically for sales people in the colour industry teaches your staff to create nurturing relationships with customers, turning them from one time shoppers into loyal repeat customers.
  • Choosing Exterior Home Colours:

    This course teaches you how to create pleasant and beautiful colour schemes that reflect the individual owner’s personality and style while taking in the surrounding environs and streetscape.
  • Choosing Interior Home Colours:

    This course teaches you to ensure that the colour schemes, fixed furnishings, furniture and function all blend together for a successful interior.
  • Using a Colour Palette Successfully:

    Your staff will impress your clients with their ability to create the right colour scheme each and every time after taking our colour palette course.